About Us



South Asian music has made its mark across the world in such a little time. Established in 2002 by Sarbjit Saroya, Planet Recordz was launched as a vision to help acknowledge the talent of North America. This vision began as a small project to produce, market and distribute South Asian music in North America. Planet Recordz has become to be known as “North America’s Premier South Asian Record label”

Also known to many as the Great North, Planet Recordz began their venture with setting up headquarters in Toronto, Canada along with offices in the United Kingdom as well as the hub of South Asian music, India.

Planet Recordz began to recruit young artists in Canada and give them the chance to display their talent. Planet Recordz is constantly looking for artists to help display their talent, having one of the biggest rosters to work with from the Great North, we offer a wide variety of services which allow you to become the star you have always dreamt about.

In addition to its function as an artist-run, artist-friendly independent label, Planet Recordz encompasses several realms of the music industry including artist management, touring, music publishing as well as a full-scale rehearsal and recording studio.